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Melissa Wolfe (Vocals) will send you a custom and personalized video/shout-out for your birthday, an upcoming holiday, or any other event or occasion. Please provide details of your personalized video/shout-out (as well as your email) in a note during checkout. Also let us know if this video is meant for you or another individual instead.
***The video will be a (.mov) or (.mp4) file and will be sent via google drive directly to your email. You will also be able to download it there.
***Please allow 5-7 business days to recieve your video, since these are made custom per order.

Personalized Video: Melissa Wolfe

  • -Provide details for your video in note during checkout.
    -provide name & email address in note during checkout.
    -let us know if this video if for you or another individual.

    ***video sends in (.mov) or (.mp4) format. It can be downloaded through google drive.
    ***please allow 5-7 business days to recieve your customized video.

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